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How to Create Your macOS Virtual Machine

Skip to content. Which part do you think is complicated to you, thanks. I am also unable to type anything to fill the spaces on step Did you get any solution? Hey, thank you for the solution! Finally got it working thanks to you.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Compacting virtual disk images is limited to VDI files. At the moment the only way to optimize the size of a virtual disk images in other formats, such as VMDK or VHD, is to clone the image and then use the cloned image in the VM configuration. OVF environment documents, including their property sections and appliance configuration with ISO images, are not yet supported. Neither scale mode nor seamless mode work correctly with guests using OpenGL 3D features, such as with compiz-enabled window managers.

How to Install macOS in VirtualBox

If the RDP client requests any other audio format there will be no audio. On Mac OS X hosts, the following features are not yet implemented:.

Mac OS X guests can only run on a certain host hardware. For details about license and host hardware limitations. Support for SMP will be provided in a future release.

Installing Mac OS X Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

Depending on your system and version of Mac OS X, you might experience guest hangs after some time. This can be fixed by turning off energy saving.

Set timeout to "Never" in the system preferences. Note that there is a lot of output and not all errors are fatal. They would also show when using a physical Apple Macintosh computer. You can turn off these messages by using the following command:. Webcams and other isochronous devices are known to have poor performance.

Chapter 3. Configuring Virtual Machines

This may be addressed in a future Oracle Solaris release. No ACPI information, such as battery status or power source, is reported to the guest.

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Crossbow-based bridged networking on Oracle Solaris 11 hosts does not work directly with aggregate links. This limitation does not exist in Oracle Solaris 11u1 build 17 and newer. Guest Additions of version 4.

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This is caused by a bug in Guest Additions uninstaller. This does not apply to a Guest Additions update. Installing one version of Guest Additions on top of another works correctly. If not, there is nothing to be done.